Working in the Cloud

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The cloud refers to a network of remote servers accessed over the internet to store, manage and process data. Instead of users storing and managing data and software on their own devices, they do so over internet connections on servers belonging to a cloud service provider. This way, you only need to use a small part of the network, which saves significantly in costs compared to maintaining your own expensive server.

The cloud

Working via the cloud offers the following advantages:

  • Cost:
    You don’t need to invest in expensive servers and maintenance. You pay for what you use.
  • Flexibility and scalability:
    Do your needs change over time due to business growth, for example? No problem, the IT infrastructure is easy to adapt to.
  • Accessibility:
    With the cloud, you have the ability to access your files and applications anywhere, anytime.
  • Reliability and security:
    Your data and applications are safe because cloud service providers invest in advanced security measures and infrastructure to ensure security. In addition, the cloud environment is always equipped with the most up-to-date hardware.
  • Collaboration:
    With the cloud, your employees easily work on joint projects and have access to the same documents and applications.

Microsoft 365 voor businesses

Working with Microsoft 365 in the cloud gives you the ability to work with the latest files and applications both online and offline. This can be done on your PC, laptop, smartphone, as well as your tablet.

Een prettige manier van samenwerken

Microsoft Azure

We use Microsoft Azure as our cloud service provider. This brings you many advantages. For instance, Microsoft Azure offers powerful tools and integrations for managing cloud environments, as well as for integrating with other Microsoft products. We tailor the cloud service to the specific needs of your company, so you only pay for the service in use.

Cloud Back-up

Instead of backing up to a local device or external hard drive, your data is sent via an internet connection to a cloud provider’s servers and stored securely there. As a result, your backup is always protected against physical threats to hardware.

Protect your data from corruption or user error and guarantee the security of your data with our cloud backup solutions. Contact us for more information.

And we do more to keep your data and work safe. Learn more

The cloud

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