About Compete

Ambitions and history

We have been pioneering the software and hardware business since 1989. Because of its rapid and continuous development, IT is the best field to grow in. It started out trading magnetic tapes back then and has grown into a full-fledged IT company with a service desk and software department.

Het gebouw van Compete

IT with a view to the future


Our mission is to be your reliable partner by providing a secure IT environment with sustainability as our guiding principle.


We aim for worry-free IT solutions that grow with your business operations. As a reliable partner, we contribute to a safe working environment through a ‘Single point of contact’ strategy. In doing so, we always look for sustainable improvements in the business process.

Core Values

Cyber security

For us, cyber security is the foundation of your IT. We ensure that your cyber security is of the highest level, so that you and your employees can get on with their work with ease. We also handle your data and systems with extreme care.

How do we do this?

Sustainable ICT

Together we discover the possibilities of making your IT more sustainable. This includes more economical hardware, working in the cloud on a shared server and recycling your old hardware. As an IT supplier, we also do our best to be as sustainable as possible. Every year, we devote a page in our annual social report to making our company more sustainable.

Reliable partner

For many customers, we have been a reliable cornerstone in their operations for years. We are proud of that.

Looking for automation?

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