Hosted VoIP

At Compete, we make it possible

Compete can help you improve your company’s communication, cut costs and increase efficiency. Thus, at Compete we also set up business telephone exchanges, also called Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP). This allows you to be reachable by your customers at all times. It is also possible for us to link your private telephone to the business telephone switchboard, so that you can also be reached on your mobile phone for business purposes. In addition, it is possible to transfer all your calls from your landline number to your smartphone.

We also integrate your business phone with Microsoft Teams and/or Webex. After all, a telephone exchange no longer needs to be physical; it can also be controlled digitally. The integration with Microsoft Teams ensures that you have one platform for meetings and business telephony.

The benefits of hosted VoIP:


  • With business telephony, you can always be reached wherever you are. You can do this through your VoIP telephony and your mobile phone.
  • Efficiency:
    With the right switchboard or software, you can transfer and follow up calls more efficiently. This saves time and ensures faster handling of queries and comments.
  • Integration:
    Business telephony can be integrated with other business systems, such as your CRM software. This allows you to easily access customer information during a phone call and better serve the customer.
  • Insights:
    You can also easily gain insights into your calling behaviour and steer accordingly to save costs.

Looking for automation?

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