Cyber security

Compete takes care of your digital security.

You probably already take measures to protect your data yourself. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and it is important to keep security growing with them. We manage your cyber security so you don’t have to worry about whether everything is in order. There are many different facets of cyber security, below we give some of the different technologies we protect you from.

cyber security

We like to think of ourselves as the IT department of your company, also for your digital security. We protect your data and hardware through various tools such as:

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With phishing emails, cybercriminals try to impersonate trusted brands that users value. Cybercriminals use advanced social engineering techniques to send emails with alarming or attractive subject lines, aiming to trick their victims into clicking on dangerous links, visiting fraudulent websites or downloading malware and ransomware. Anti-Phishing ensures that you don’t receive these kinds of emails.

Anti-Spear Phishing

Through spear phishing emails, cybercriminals impersonate individuals instead of brands. This form of phishing is extremely effective because the attack targets a specific victim. By using personal details of the target, the attacker can send messages that are so authentic that the victim easily falls for them. With Anti-Spear Phishing, we make sure you don’t receive these kinds of emails.



Malware is a form of malicious software designed to cause damage to computers, hardware and networks. Advanced malware can modify its behaviour and even temporarily hide from email filters. Its ultimate goal is to steal data, spread to other systems or, in the case of ransomware, disable systems and networks. With the Anti-Malware we install for you, your network, hardware, software and your data are protected.


Antivirus uses machine learning algorithms to detect and respond to threats in real-time, even if they were previously unknown. This allows it to adapt to new and evolving threats, making it an effective cyber security solution. We install antivirus software on your hardware and ensure it is always up to date, protecting you and your business processes.



The authenticator uses various authentication methods, such as push notifications, text messages, phone calls, biometric authentication and hardware tokens, to authenticate users before allowing them access to company assets. This significantly reduces the risk of unauthorised access to company data. We are happy to provide this method of protection against misuse for you.

Online backup

By having an online backup, we can restore data and recover data at any time. This offers peace of mind and ensures that valuable data is kept safe, even in case of unforeseen events such as hardware failures, theft or natural disasters. Moreover, it offers convenience and flexibility as data can be accessed from different devices and locations. We make a daily backup of your data, so that you are quickly up and running again in case of emergency.


Password manager

To ensure that cyber criminals cannot simply log in under your name, it is important to change your password regularly and make sure you have a strong password. This also applies to your employees. While it is up to the employee to choose a password, a password manager can help. Our password manager provides secure storage for passwords, can generate strong passwords and gives advice on which passwords you should change. This simplifies and strengthens the password management process, making your online accounts more secure. We are happy to advise you on how to use a password manager.

Take Control

This allows us to efficiently and effectively resolve technical problems remotely, without you having to be physically present. By taking over your screen, we can work together and navigate through the problem step by step, while you retain full control and can watch. This ensures a faster response time and a smoother support experience. You also do not have to wait for an IT manager to come by, which is resulting in hardly any downtime.

Network security

In addition to security solutions for employees, we also secure your network with advanced firewalls and network equipment. We constantly monitor the network to identify risks. Together, we can determine which websites are potentially risky and avoid them on the corporate network.

We also provide, for example, a separate “guest network” to protect company data from unauthorised access by guests.

Our focus is on ensuring the optimal security of your network so that you can work with confidence and your company data remains protected.

ISO certificate

You can be assured that you are in good hands with Compete when it comes to cyber security. Our ISO certificate shows that we meet international requirements such as: establishing, implementing, executing, monitoring, assessing, maintaining and improving a documented Information Security Management System. With the scope: providing managed ICT services in system management and communication for SMEs.

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