Client case

Fernhout Physiotherapy

“If we have problems with something, we only need to call one number to solve it. Ideal.”

Fernhout Physiotherapy has been operating in Schiedam, Vlaardingen and Maassluis since 2014 and can be contacted for all kinds of physical complaints. Compete is strengthening this SME regarding their IT. For Fernhout, it is very important to be reachable, to have a smooth internet connection and to securely manage and store the patient data.

Fernhout preferred not to fiddle with IT themselves anymore. They opted for an all-in-one package where you outsource all IT to us. Compete now takes care of telephony, data, hosting and domain management. In short, complete IT management.

How does the communication go?

“Whoever we get on the phone, they are always friendly.”

Has Compete met your expectations?

“Yes absolutely. Often I send an email and get a quick response that it has been solved. As a result, I don’t have to wait on the phone, which is nice.”

Would you recommend Compete to others?

“Yes, it is a very nice company that quickly solves your IT problems.”

How would you describe Compete in one sentence?

“Hardworking, customer-friendly and always tries to provide the right service.”

Looking for automation?

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